An Undersea Wonderland!

A friend of mine has taken up yarnbombing lately ( see her blog here) as a part of our Curatorial Practice class at U of T, and i’ve been having fun spotting her creations appearing all over our building. Also amusing is the reactions of others when they find these cuddly surprises. I might contribute my own soon too as I promised her I would!

I was procrastinating this afternoon as usual in the library and came across this fantastic installation of the Toronto Hyperbolic Crochet Coral reef currently at Roadside Attractions until March 30th. I would explain it, but it’s pretty self explanatory, a coral reef made completely of Crochet! This is a forever growing project and they are currently taking crochet donations! See their blog here! How fantastic! I’m definitely going to make my way over there soon!

(PS I pinched these photos from their blog….so make sure you go there)


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